El Segundo Great Cut 4pk

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We can think of only two things that come close to perfection. First up, the diamond… judged by its cut, color, carat and clarity. Treasured by many as the hardest, most valuable stone found the world ’round. It’s also the shape of America’s pastime, which on sight alone can bring about fond memories of hot dogs, beer, fresh cut grass and of course, hitting that 0-2 count, game-winning walkoff Grand Slam so many dreamt about. And on deck in our near-perfection line up is, obviously, the West Coast IPA… which just so happens to share traits with diamonds as it is partly judged by clarity and color and it is also the favorite pastime of all true IPA lovers. Once you factor in the great cut of aromatics the Galaxy hop brings to the ballpark, this straight up sandlot nostalgia may have you thinking that maybe there is, in fact, one perfect thing. 6.5% ABV


(No reviews yet) Write a Review