Escandalo Semillón 2020 750ml

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Escandalo Old Vines Semillon showcases bright aromas of apples, jasmine, laurel, honey and toasted bread, that lead onto a soft and rounded palate, concluding with a long dry finish with a burst of fruit. Organic & Natural. 

Escandalo began in 2013 as a project to highlight old, abandoned vineyards (60-200yo) around Colchagua, Itata, Maule, and beyond. Mauricio searches out these old plots & the work in the vineyards remains extremely traditional with no chemicals used in the vines (only organic treatments or plant and citrus extracts the farmers have used for generations) and all harvesting is done by hand.

In the cellar, everything is allowed to ferment spontaneously, and there is no fining or filtration, and only small additions of SO2 before bottling. These are honest wines with great purity and freshness, proving that these old vineyards and traditional methods are still the best way to show off the amazing viticultural history of Chile. 13.8% ABV


(No reviews yet) Write a Review