Les Equilibristes Bouillon aux Dames 2018 750ml

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Les Equilibristes (the “Tightrope Walkers”) are François de Monval and Florent Girou.  François is a wine merchant and restaurant owner in Paris, and Floret is a wine-maker from the Perigord region.  Together, the two are constantly thinking about preserving the old-ways of winemaking, while questioning old practices that no longer make sense.   Les Equilibristes have a simple set of rules they follow in winemaking: use indigenous grape varieties, organic winemaking practices, indigenous yeasts, and minimal sulphur.  They make wines from purchased grapes, always organic, throughout France. We had the pleasure of meeting François at Raw LA this year, and were charmed by his unique and whimsical wines.

This is classic Chenin: wooly, textural and creamy from malo, lees contact and old oak barrels, with vibrant acidity and bright lemony/golden apple hits. And it’s super delicious.  We’ll be drinking this all spring long, with all the green things popping up and on our plates. An amazing food wine!. 13.5% ABV


(No reviews yet) Write a Review