Lightsome 2019 750mL

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The beginnings of this wine started off with a very early pick of Muscat Blanc mid July from a small vineyard in Driftwood. The Muscat was picked on the early side in order to capture higher acidity. The grapes were pressed after 24 hours on skins and racked into a stainless steel fermenter to begin fermentation. Mid way through fermentation (roughly one week later), the Muscat was racked into two bins of Mourvèdre that were harvested from Wildseed Farm which is a vineyard in Fredericksburg. The small amount of Muscat and Mourvèdre co fermented in bins for a week and a half and then were pressed into a stainless steel tank to finish fermentation and aging. This wine was bottled in March 2020 and given a year to bottle age. 11.32% ABV


(No reviews yet) Write a Review