Peaux Rouges San Jose Rosé 2020 750ml

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Created ex nihilo at the dawn of 2017, Peaux Rouges lodges itself in the woods somewhat hidden from Monthou sur Cher, Loir et Cher. A micro production of bottles, highly drinkable and thirst quenching without embellishment nor artifice. Half-Loire, half-Ardèche, but all vinified in the 41, the vintages here are well treated – because less is more, even for organic – with no added sulphur (except for one, for the wine grower got scared of his own shadow, it happens sometimes when one lingers too much in the woods). Never in a hurry, one watches out for the grapes first, then awaits the wine, for it takes its own time. When it’s ready, the wine is bottled by gravity, and then, one must wait a little longer, or not at all, it depends. ’Cause in the end, wine’s the boss!

Tasting notes: unfiltered, lively texture, notes of citrus/honey/flowers, pool party and patio friendly. 

13.5% ABV


(No reviews yet) Write a Review